Welcome to The Outpost!
We’re glad you’re here, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you have a great stay!
For the benefit of all of our guests, here are our park rules and guidelines.

General Rules

1. Check-in time: 1:00PM; Check-out time: 11:00AM.
2. RVs more than 10 years old must be pre-approved, pictures or an inspection report must be submitted to obtain approval prior to receiving a reservation confirmation. Park management reserves the right to refuse any RV in poor condition or “not the right fit” for our park.
3. All guests must register upon arrival. Sites are limited to 2 adults and 2 children. Additional family members can be accommodated with prior approval.
4. Parents are responsible for their children and their visitors. Visitors of our guests cannot come into the park without the guest being in the park.
5. Minors are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in the park or on the lake.
6. Non-aggressive pets are allowed. Aggressive pets like pitbulls, rottweilers, Dobermans, or other aggressive breeds are not permitted.
7. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pets. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times when outside. (except in the pet park). Pets are not allowed in the club house or on the beach.
8. Do not feed any wildlife. Wildlife is not to be brought onto the park. Wildlife rehabilitation is not permitted on park property.
9. Campfires are permitted in park provided fire rings only.
10. Use dumpster for disposal of trash. Do not leave trash in bags outside unattended (it draws wildlife).
11. Speed limit is 5mph.
12. Do not drive in marked-off areas. Some locations are sandy and soft or contain buried pipes that could be damaged, along with your vehicle.
13. Do not attach anything to trees with a nail or screw, or other penetrating object. Trees are here to provide shade and beauty for all of our guests.

Use of Campsites

1. One (1) vehicle, in addition to the RV, is permitted at each site. Use designated parking areas for additional vehicles. Commercial and other heavy vehicles are not allowed.
2. No tents or canopies allowed on RV sites without prior approval from park management.
3. No clotheslines, cloth trees, or other such devices are permitted without approval from park management. Do not hang clotheslines from RVs or trees.
4. Please use blocks under motorhome/trailer leveling/stabilizer jacks.
5. Sewer sleeves or collars MUST be used at all sewer connections.
6. The park operates on a well and septic system. Only flush waste and toilet paper in the toilet. Other objects can cause blockage in the septic system resulting in a back-up or overflow situation.
7. Do not dispose of harsh chemicals or grease through your sinks or holding tanks, these harm the septic system and lake.
8. Vehicle washing at your site is permitted. The use of harsh detergent, soap, degreaser, or chemicals is not permitted. The water has a small amount of chlorine in it as directed by the Florida Department of Health. Check with park management if you have any questions.
9. Oil changing, filter changing, engine maintenance or washing is not permitted. Violation could result in your being asked to leave the park immediately.
10. Please keep your site orderly, clean and “clutter-free.” If you wonder what is meant by “clutter-free” please ask park management.
11. Quiet time is from 10:00PM to 8:00AM. No loud music, loud TV, loud talking, or engine noise permitted during quiet time. Use of generators is not permitted.


1. Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) rules and regulations apply.
2. Fishing license is required for those over 16 years of age. Licenses are available online, at most Walmart stores and as well as other locations.


1. Swimming in the lake is permitted. All guests and their visitors use the lake at their own risk. NO ONE UNDER 12 years old is allowed in the lake without adult supervision.
2. No glass containers are allowed in the lake or beach area.
3. NO DIVING from beach front or the dock.


1. The park has kayaks and canoes available for guest use. You must sign a the Watercraft and outdoor activity waiver before using the kayaks or canoes.
2. No one under 12years of age is permitted in boats without a parent.
3. No diving or swimming from boats.
4. Life jackets must be worn by anyone under 12 years old, and be in the boat for all others.
5. Boats cannot be beached or tied to shore anywhere around the lake – except on Outpost property.
6. Remove trash from boats and hang life jackets on line when finished.
7. Guest-owned boats are permitted to be used on the lake. Life jacket rule still applies. Boats must not be left on the lake overnight.
8. Guests with privately owned boats must sign a release for its use with park management. See park management for release form.

Yard Games
1. Yard games like bag toss are available for guests to enjoy. Please obtain from park management and return to its proper storage place after each use.

Other Rules and Information

1. Solicitation by any individual is not permitted on park property.
2. The Outpost provides no insurance covering guest property, or their visitors. All facilities of the park are used by guests and their visitors at their own risk.
3. The Outpost is not responsible for the loss or damage to the property of the guest or their visitors.
4. The Outpost and its management have the authority, at all times, to see that each of the RULES AND GUIDELINES are being followed. Violations could result in revocation of the privilege to use.
5. The Outpost may adopt, amend, or repeal rules at any time, as provided for in your agreement.

If you have any questions, or comments, please let us know!